Why I Get up at 4:30 in the Morning to do This

Helping raise money for college scholarships is important work and it pays the bills, but boats and fishing are my passion. I admire you all who take people out day after day and give your all to put them on fish they'll never forget, who dream up and create the innovative tackle that makes fishing a pleasure, and who design and craft the sweet, sweet sleds I drool over when I should be working.

I also can't help but notice, as a guy with a lot of communications and marketing experience both inside and outside the fishing and boating industry, that many of your websites, social media accounts, product descriptions, etc. are poorly designed, outdated, badly written, not maintained, or all of the above.

I have a pretty good idea why, too. You're too busy with your real job to take the time to learn the stuff yourself, and you can't find somebody who understands what you do and knows your market well enough to do it as well as you'd like it done. Or you had somebody build you a website, but you can't update it yourself and getting them to do it takes five emails, two phone calls, and three weeks. Or you've made a few calls about refreshing your site or other marketing materials, heard what hourly rates are, and decided you're good with what you've got.

Whatever the reason, I see a real need for straightforward, reasonably priced web and communications support for the thousands of small and medium-sized outfits in the fishing and boating industry — provided by somebody who actually knows fishing and boats, and who lives in the real world, not the corporate world.

I admire you all who take people out day after day and give your all to put them on fish they’ll never forget,

That's me. I know, firsthand, how to get the most out of a limited budget. I believe the simplest solution is usually the best. I understand that there's no magic to this stuff and that you know what you need better than anybody. And I look forward to helping you make it happen.