Does good writing still matter? You bet — Now more than ever.

Look around next time you're in a restaurant. See all those people staring at their phones and ignoring their families, friends, and dates? You know what they're doing? They're reading. The way we read (and write) is changing, but the fact is we do more of it now than even before.


Thanks in large part to the internet, consumers are better educated today than ever. They may not have the answers, but they at least know the right questions to ask. That means you can't afford to feed them cotton candy, billing yours as the ultimate family-friendly, shallow-draft, wakeboarding and offshore fishing machine.

No product or service is perfect for everybody, and if you try to tell potential clients or buyers otherwise you'll end up insulting their intelligence, irritating them by wasting their time with marketing fluff, or both. Instead, consumers want specific, meaningful information about what sets your product or service apart.



With extensive professional writing and editing experience and a deep, broad knowledge of boats and fishing, we can tell your story exactly the way you want it told. We already speak the language, so you don't have to explain hull slap to us. Or kite fishing. Or jerk baits.

We'll interview you, climb all over your boats, check out your tackle, research the market and your competition ... hell, we might even go fishing with you if you insist. Whatever it takes, we'll learn what makes you special and we'll communicate it in the direct, brief, easy-to-read language consumers want. 



The best writing in the world won't do you much good if readers can't find what they're looking for. On paper, where there are only two directions readers can go — forward and backward — organizing things isn't nearly as critical as on the web, where users have much greater flexibility. "Information architecture" is a fancy phrase to describe the process of putting together pages and navigation in a way that's intuitive and logical. That might seem like common sense, but once you dig in, it gets more complicated than you'd expect.

You don’t have to explain hull slap to us. Or kite fishing. Or jerk baits.

And things change too. Seven or eight years ago, the rule of thumb was to avoid pages longer than a couple of screens at most. Then along came smart phones and tablets, and now a few longer pages that users can scroll through are preferable in many cases to a lot of short pages that they have to click through. Whether building you a new site from scratch or refreshing your current site, we'll get it organized.


We offer a full range of writing services, from complete websites, to refreshes of existing copy, to paragraph-size bits of text. In addition to web copy, we're happy to work on marketing emails, press releases, social media content, and print projects like brochures and ads. Unlike lots of copywriters, we'll also quote you a lump-sum price up front, not an hourly rate.