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From fishportprotection.com

Nothing matters more to us than your experience. The only thing we love more than fishing southeast Alaska is sharing this incredible wilderness and fishery with our clients and friends. The fact is that getting here isn't easy — or cheap. We understand the commitment you're making, and we're equally committed to ensuring you have a great time. That means not just personalized service from top captains, but also meticulously maintained and fully equipped boats, new high-end tackle each year, and careful processing and packing of your catch. read more...


From cmormapping.com/learn-more

Most fishing maps and charts that show depth contour lines interpolate those lines from historical sounding data. In other words, the contours are drawn by looking at the measured depth at a number of points and then making educated guesses about what the bottom looks like between those points. In many cases, the results are fairly accurate. But isolated features — a 5-foot ledge between two soundings a quarter mile apart, for example — are easily missed.

In contrast, CMOR Mapping data is the result of methodical surveys with high-resolution echosounders. There is no interpolation, no guesswork, and no unverified “hotspots” reported by local captains. All you see is a complete, accurate, and highly detailed representation of the bottom, including many features that are not shown on any other chart or fishing map. read more...


From ankonaboats.com

There are plenty of poling skiffs on the market today that cost more than some of us paid for our first houses. And with few exceptions, they're beautiful boats that do what they were designed to do extremely well.

At Ankona, we compete favorably with those skiffs on performance, quality, and service — but at a fraction of the price.

How? We let our skiffs — and our customers — do the talking. Slick videos, guide discounts, advertising campaigns, and paid celebrity anglers all add to the cost of a skiff just like a gallon of resin or a yard of bi-axial fiberglass. Which would you rather pay for?

Ankona's four distinctive models all feature feather-light construction, dead-quiet hulls, and uncanny poling performance. And we build each one to your exact specifications — from tricked-out to bare-bones or anywhere in between. read more...


From renaissanceprowler.com/why

High-performance offshore fishing catamarans have captured widespread attention only in the last five years or so for their numerous advantages — softer ride, better fuel efficiency, and greater stability. But we were building cats long before that recent surge in popularity. In fact, we've been carefully refining our running surfaces, layouts, and construction since 1997, and we believe that when you take the wheel of a Prowler, the results will speak for themselves.

It hasn't all been gradual refinement, though. In 2015, our solid foundation in catamaran design served as a launchpad for innovation when we debuted the game-changing Prowler 42 — a first-of-its-kind, high-deadrise, asymmetrical fishing catamaran that combines the best elements of offshore go-fast cats with the best of deep-vee monohull center consoles into an efficient, smooth-riding, well-mannered, 70+ mph fishing machine with lines like no other cat on the water. read more...


From deadrise.com

In engineering the Zero18, we re-examined every detail of poling skiffs, and if we could make something better, we did.

For example, you won't see a single hinge on deck; they're all hidden underneath the hatches. Around those hatches, deep gutters quickly and effectively drain water directly overboard — not into the bilge or cockpit — via hidden openings under the integrated spray rails.

You won't see a transom drain plug either. The Zero18's bilge is completely watertight. Water that reaches the cockpit collects in a small well amidships, where it can be pumped out or drained overboard.

Forward of the ergonomically designed center console, a fully finished heavily insulated 35-quart fiberglass jump seat/cooler locks in place via an innovative, hidden retention system free of moving parts. It can be easily moved to the bow to serve as a casting platform. The console door and frame are molded, color-matched parts; no fasteners are visible.

An optional large forward livewell can be built with a transparent, half-inch acrylic window in the forward bulkhead — a staple on large sportfishers but a first on shallow-water skiffs. read more...


From clancyscantina.com

At Clancy's Cantina, in the heart of the vibrant Flagler Avenue district of New Smyrna Beach, our family serves fresh, authentic Tex-Mex — just as we have for three generations.

After more than 30 years in Florida, coastal flavors now blend with the rich, rustic dishes of our south Texas roots. Sizzling skirt steak fajitas perfectly juxtapose ahi poke tacos served with shredded cabbage and fresh sliced avocado.

We take as much pride in our food — house-made salsa from a family recipe, guacamole from fresh Hass avocados, fresh-made, vegan, and gluten-free enchilada sauce, verde sauce, black beans, pinto beans, and rice — as we do in our warm, friendly service. read more...