About Overslot web & Communications


More than a way to keep fuel in the tank and beer in the cooler

Overslot has been delivering web design and development, copywriting, and imagery since early 2015, but Principal Zack Thomas has more than two decades’ experience as a professional communicator.

He is a former editor of Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine and two other saltwater fishing publications; an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer (really, lots of them, like Writer of the Year from the Outdoor Writers Association of California) with credits in titles like Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing, Sea, Boating World, and many others; author of The Angler’s Guide to Trailer-Boating Baja; and, at least for 40 hours a week, director of communications and marketing for the University of Central Florida Foundation.

Overslot is mainly a labor of love — not just a way to keep fuel in the tank and beer in the cooler but also a means to contribute to the recreational boating and fishing community that means so much to us and an opportunity to develop ties with the talented, dedicated, and often inspiring men and women who work every day to keep it vibrant and expanding.