Clancy's Cantina Is Live


It can't all be boats and fishing, but that's okay. We just launched the new site for Clancy's Cantina in New Smyrna Beach, and it was a fun and different project.

Although Clancy's is a longtime favorite with NSB locals, tourist business is also critically important. And that meant mobile usability was a top priority. After all, tourists in a beach town aren't sitting at desks looking for restaurants. They're sitting on the beach, or on a boat, or on their condo balcony, flipping around on their phones looking for a place to get dinner that night.

The outcome was what amounts to a single-page website, perfectly suited for phone users. While it does have navigation available, all content is viewable simply by scrolling. Additionally, the menus (both a short "teaser" menu and the full menu for takeout orders) are live, responsive text, rather than the usual PDF reproduction of the print menu. Anybody who has ever pinched and panned their way around a fixed-size PDF menu on their phone understands the value of that.

In addition to excellent mobile usability, the site is crisp, contemporary and inviting, putting Clancy's food and atmosphere front and center. We did all the photography and wrote all the copy too.

Now comes the gradual process of improving those search results, which are equally important.

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